Thursday, May 12, 2011

In the Beginning 

From the KLM plane,
I watch the wind turbines in the polders
and come up with a simile:
‘kids waving to intercept an about-to-be-thrown-ball’,
but who’s throwing the ball?
I imagine the real (‘simile’) thing:
a bunch of kids doing jumping jacks,
trying to block the blockers.
That’s like a nuclear stand-off.
But I’m not sure about the mutually
assured destruction bit.
Perhaps the turbine farms
are like religions:
everyone flaying about to catch a ball
that’s never thrown.
God as pitcher.
Up here in the window seat
I feel like God.
Maybe God is like a passenger
flying above his creatures
on his way to Amsterdam.
Maybe God is the simile
for the world.
In this new Bible, we would read:
 ‘The wind turbines are like God
sitting in a KLM City Hopper
comparing  them  to ….’

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