Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 Koans

Tim was just finishing the ironing that he had put off for 3 weeks. When he got to his last handkerchief, he heard an SMS arrive on his mobile.

“Did I forget the Calgon?”

Sue asked Tim how he would know when she had attained the state of Bodhichitta?

“And?” replied Tim.

Sue was enlightened within the week.

Two retreat participants were watching the tumble dryer in the laundry shed.

One said to the other, “Is that my knitted wool jumper?”

The other replied, “Has your girlfriend left you?”

Tim overheard this. He said, “Not the jumper, not the girlfriend, but send me your CV.”

Commentary: The first participant has become addicted to a pain-body, as if trying to put on a shrunken woollen jumper. The second participant has stopped being and returned to the back-story. Tim sees this as a consignment to the flatlands. This koan demonstrates the realization that in deleting an object one may foreshorten one's understanding of the true nature of nature’s fabric by falling into externalization and believing that the true nature of the tumble dryer, the girlfirend, and the CV are different. Tim always taught the One Vehicle Buddhism of One Package which teaches that wisdom (sanskrit: prajna) comes from the Essence of Love-Organs and not from an exterior source.

Once Sue asked “Why have the peas been boiled?”

Tim answered, “Was that your question about the water?”

“Yes”, said Sue.

At another time, Sue asked, “Why have the peas been boiled?”

Master Tim answered “Was there water?”

“No”, said Sue.

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