Friday, December 31, 2010

Shining Throne Sutra

I’m playing games with the humidity
guessing the size of the kitchen cabinets
drowsing by a kite on the football field
pasting diets on my backyard fence

shining thrones for the mystery play
working-off a hangover by classifying socks
disorienting bats by clapping my hands
increasing my output for diminishing returns

flouting the rules for long-period events
feeling nauseous on a beach in Cancun
lambasting clowns at my niece’s day-care
earthing the static in your new corduroys

celebrating crosshairs over laser-lock sights
making a dog’s breakfast of my first drama class
writing 'buff' when I mean 'suspension'
responding to condolences with your marriage-list stationery

eating plum dates and regretting the cheese
crying at jazz tunes in peak hour traffic
re-evaluating the effects of a long awaited launch
tying up prospects with my probing questions

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