Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Rome Poems

Rome 1a

Middle of the evening, 2008. Piazza Navone. An Irish student asks the street musician if he could play along with his desk. He brings out an old primary school desk and bashes along.

Rome 1b

Middle of the day, 2008. Walked into the Hotel d'Inghilterra to have a look. Went into the Japanese Bar and saw an old English man in the library. He was all dressed up and drinking scotch. He smiled at me and said’ “It’s Tarzan.”

Johnny Weissmuller was on the flat screen.

Rome 2a

Dream, 2009. Space, 7010. We found an abandoned Space Station. It was frozen. We found a drop of frozen sperm in the glacial toilet facility. The space station was from 2010. I thought about Jurassic Park.

Rome 2b

Dream, 2008. The Charles River, 2007. I was at the business school, or at the old family home. I’ve never had an old family home. A case study was in progress. It was called The Life Machine. You fed in various inputs like Cornetto wrappers or some spare change, and whatever comes out will be due on 08 July. I caught the frizzbie to the library with two other passengers. We were followed by tracer frizzbies. I felt bad that I was late in starting the case study.

Rome 2c

Afternoon, 2010. I asked my wife what makes a woman happy…

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