Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Achieving Enlightenment

Just around the corner, a calamity. You cannot see it yet. But just wait.
Have a stiff drink, I would. Quick.
It’s coming soon. Bigger than a repossession.
Faster than old age.
Just a bit further. Then a rebuttal. Still a little while, then it’s all a joke.
We’ll all be laughing.
We’ll all be thankful that it wasn’t us (even though it will be).
Yes, you’ve built your house on sand after all, and the bricks were secondhand.
And you think it isn’t fair? But that’s the point:
it isn’t. You won’t squirm your way out of this. No more waffling.
Take it on the chin. In the neck. Up the tail pipe.
There it is. Goodbye now. Just one question though.
What’s it like? After all the promises? All the hopes? To come to this?
What no insurance covers.
Where angels fear to tread. Where the waters part; the tsunami rushes in;
the earth opens up;
the buck stops. Where it all totals up. Rounded to the tenth.
Adapted for the small screen.
We need to tell the tale. To warn others. To come clean. To paint it black.
To conform to legislation.
To lay down a few rules. For the unlucky few. Those toiling day and night.
Writhing in their hammocks.
Counting all the stars. Slapping off the bugs. Eating curds and whey.
You are not the first.
You are not the last. You are not the piggy in the middle.
It’s not that cut and dried. It’s not that simple. It’s not a bit part.
Although you’re not the star.
Someone’s got to do it. Every job’s important. Every day its due.
When you wake up tomorrow morning, the sun will still be there.
Your head may ache a little.
But the coffee will be stale. You’ll be left behind alone with just one thought.
An applet in your brain;
a unique and sole obsession; a stubborn little itch.
It will take you by the hand and lead you out the door.
It will do your shopping for you. And tune your TV too. You will see it everywhere.
But it really lives in you.
So quickly have that drink. A don’t forget to stretch. Here it finally comes.
(But is it all that bad?)

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