Friday, August 22, 2008

An Attempt at Meaning

Bernard, have you read
that line of Eliot’s:
- and I quote –
Men can do nothing
without the make-believe
of a beginning
? Was Deronda’s
imminent voyage to Palestine
make-believe? Beginnings
(and ends, too) conjure
a geometric world
we refuse to inhabit.
And spatial is not geometric:
that depth on which we tread water
is more like a mirror. A vision-field
sprinkled with scabs
and caesuras where time
stares into that tragedy called life.
Too deep? How about a little
less strings and more
tympanum? There you go,
marching off with that little
back pack whose contents
I once contributed to.
So, I admit (albeit vicariously)
that there is a before
and - therefore - an after.
Bloody geometry!
Shame on us, Bernard!

We are not that special,
are we? Now, in this scheme,
is a central point. Someone else
will take its place one day.
But not now.

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