Thursday, April 03, 2008

The A1 motorway, exit 110

A crumbling hard shoulder
fringed with hairy grama, bell-shaped spikelets
lining the fringes
of the visible world. Spirals
and scribbles from green to toe-deep
rhizome. Sprays of rabbit’s foot and clumps of maiden grass,
Carex blood
corkscrews, God’s toothbrush, a bull elephant’s
dental floss, dreadlocks
of the Great Dane,
Variegata of wands and brushes, matted tea-parties,
Beatle-browed mops, butter yellow
from Summer, burnt copper
tangles curling a dense groundcover,
drooping hints
of wild oats, inflorescences
accented towards grey, battered
by a tidy warmth of ghosts, pink
at the shins.

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