Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Village of the Mad

It was once a bustling market village. But now it’s a ghost town. There’s a man standing beneath an awning, waiting for the rain to stop. He’s waiting in below freezing temperatures. He’s waiting, but there isn’t the vaguest hint of rain.

A farmer is searching for his horse. He’s rummaging through a basket of eggs. Someone has just stolen his horse. It’s market day today. There are thousands of eggs in thousands of baskets. The thief has clearly chosen a good day to steal horses.

In a whitewashed cottage, a man and woman begin to have sex. She asks him if he would still fuck her if she were his father. He stops, thinks about it and tells her that that would be impossible because, one, she is a woman, and, two, no-one can have two fathers. “You’re worried about it too, aren’t you?” she says. Perturbed, the man storms out of the whitewashed cottage.

He comes across a man in a business suit. The man in the business suit tells him that, nowadays, queens don’t exist. “Let’s not argue about it. They don’t!” he says, fucking off, telling him to fuck off!

After Henri Michaux

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