Tuesday, November 27, 2007

‘Isolated Elements Swimming in the Same Direction for the Purposes of Understanding’

Listen! Those notes are as tight
“as peas in a pod”… When I indicate
a left turn, I catch her
in the rear view mirror.
In nothing flat,
a rental in Spain
slips from the vendor’s lips. His scuba
cheeks ply the coastal shelves
with a coral blast. Poke me
if he does it again! Glissando
of modern condominiums. I
flossed with a tulip
when she stopped
and mumbled a Caribbean shiver
straight from the watershed
in the traffic. I winched
intensity like a soccer coach. We see
that shambled octave
mopping up the macadam.
But if I bump up the font an entire pixel,
…would that be better? A blind
corner irons out its kinks
in less time than a sunfish
through Perspex.

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