Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Pinch

No, I didn’t go
to the kitchen
and pick up
my husband
and two children and
place them in
the mixing bowl
next to the cheese
and red onions,
No, the wolves
weren’t I repeat
weren’t as hungry as
the onions in
the mixing bowl
next to the cheese
No, the two hungry
no two starving no two
children were
picked up, no
not my husband not
this time, no
not anytime
soon No, YES
the vital
ingredients in
the bowl, the onions, cheese,
Papa and kids,
hungry or not,
picked up,
or not,
perhaps in
the bowl, or next
to it,
enmeshed, mixed
entwined, kneaded, ground,
absorbed, leavened,
sifted, mashed and YES
maybe, in that
there was, or not
only, but with that
Dad and Progeny
Mr. Me and Pit
and Pat
Jelly and Custard,
My Tart and Cream and Sugar
Mélange, the vital,
family values
not just
what wasn’t there,
lying around
in the kitchen. But something

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