Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Louise and I did

We laid the four brown bodies on the grass. Their
eyes were as opaque as the sun. They
looked like statuettes laid out for auction. Louise
turned back to get the camera. I
noted the date and place. The driver
crouched and doused his head. The rain
started and everything became fuzzy. A hard light
rumbled through the gorge. The aureoles
of salt on my T-shirt dissolved.

turned back. I pulled at my T-shirt.
The grass
was as opaque as the sun.
No date
or place. The driver hummed with salt.
He crouched
like a statuette in that gorge.
Their brown eyes
tasted like salt. His head
was fuzzy.
rumbled. The light
was noted…
The four bodies were doused in light.

It happened
the light dissolved
the rain started
the driver crouched …

Their four brown bodies were sunning by the pool.
Their Ray Bans were as opaque as the leaves.
They were statuesque. They were ready for action.
Louise turned for the camera.
I noted the scene and take.
The dolly crouched and pulled back from the head.
The train started and everyone became funny.
Hard to gage the light as we rumbled through the tunnel.
The entrance dissolved: a shrinking aureole.

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