Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Taking out the wildlife leaves the picture

Helplessly, little creatures let themselves

within the packaging. A pliant green Styrofoam

scratched with seagulls fills every quadrant,
every caesura.

Melanie and Andrea primping their skirts
on the floor

quibble through the separators. Today was
a great aunt

Sunday. A lavender water morning. A eucalypt
dilly dally.

A tiger insincerity embossing a pastel lozenge

And both of them sense how deliciously hopeless
a run

across the road to meet Dennis is. At least
he's left

with lanes and spatula-strokes and stretched

speaking of seagulls will you see ours in coogee soon?
Hi Bernoid!

Work is keeping me in Europe at the moment. I am rescheduling my whole year, if not my life! I need to find balance and perhaps fulfilment (if it is not too expensive).

As they say in Ireland: "sweet mudder of Jesas ... dair's only so many pints in each boozer!"

Or more poignantly: "Touch me again, Fudda! I tink me rosary's on da blink!"
Fulfilment? Rub'n'tug?
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