Friday, March 04, 2005

12 Dundas St, Coogee

What have we done to deserve
all the produce of the tropics--
this fiery trove, the largesse of it
heaped up like cannonballs, these pineapples, bossed
and crested, standing like troops at attention,
these tiers, these balconies of green, festoons
grown sumptuous with stoop labor?

from Nothing Stays Put by Amy Clampitt

The fiery trove of Coogee is autumnal now. Gold and blue reflections in the water when you swim as the sun sinks.
A tropical storm or two? And the armada of blue-bottles? The fungal blooms as the neighbour's house goes on the market for $3million ... you can visit that and more at Ciao caro.
I went to the big bridge and looked down but it was too tricky for me.
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