Monday, October 25, 2004

My Sydney

Is it possible
to trace the origins
of the company's appeals
for greater
in the local territorial

The Appletree Scandal
comes to mind. Mrs Delaware's abhorrent
affection for her son.
The Music Box

The Nietzsche Room,
Fluffy dice
and dashboard. Bob's
miracle machine.
Spot's favourite

pissoir. The sherbet sisters.
The farmers'
retirement fund. Polly
Anderson's seasonal lumbago

face at
Will's Gully? You DON'T
KNOW!? ...E -
Sanchez. The Poem
of My Syd-

my city of sydney
i miss the warmth of you ...

... a little church steeple
in wool-y-mi-loo ...
That was the closing song of a night for a Sydney TV station (Channel 7?). The singer wrote and recorded the song as he was dying of cancer - or so the urban legend goes.

...My city of Sydney, I've never been a - way!
...Tommy Leonetti:

Birth: Sep. 10, 1929
Death: Sep. 15, 1979

Composer, Actor. Best remembered for his role as 'Cpl. Nick Cuccinelli' from 1964 to 1965 on "Gomer Pyle, USMC."
Yeh, I remember a punk song --- ok, Sydney punk --- where they were in a high rise --- maybe the Gazebo, Kings Jolly Cross --- and they were slashing away and hurling stuff out the window and on the TV, as it got hurled, was THAT song on THAT channel. It was, like, good night!
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